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Feb 4, 2013 4:00am PST
is angie. i think the market pulled on its deer antler spray last friday at the opening and just burst through 1500 on the s&p and 14,000 on the dow. > now, that dow 14,000, i am hearing from a lot of traders, this is just kind of a psychological number, is it not? or will it actually propel people to put more money to work? > > well, it is going to be interesting to see, angie. but certainly from a psychological standpoint, it is something that people can focus on now as a positive, rolling back toward those 2007 highs. and now we're seeing the s&p firmly above 1500 as well, so you kind of have a culmination of a couple things going on here: technically the market still looks in pretty good shape. consolidated around the 1500 level in the s&p for the last week-and-a-half, so there's still some possible room on the upside. plus, you have the first of the month basically kicking off on a positive side. i think that is going to probably push money managers and people who are kind of on the sidelines to kind of think about, "i need to get in this market." > great. so break this down for o
Feb 4, 2013 4:30am EST
's express provide service to west falls church in the morning and afternoon rush. >> angie goff has breaking news. good morning. >> good morning to you. eight people dead, dozens hurt after a terrible bus crash in southern california. people were still being pulled from this wreckage hours after that crash. it happened on a mountain highway as a bus was leaving the big bear resort area and collided with a truck. still no word what caused this accident a the live did he say be, angie goff, news 4. >>> it's now been a week since a gunman stormed an alabama school bus killing the driver and kidnapping a 5-year-old boy. 65-year-old albert lee poe letters junior is at the center of this standoff. dykes is described as a loner. he's in an underground bunker with the boy. they are talking with the two and delivered food, toys and medicine to the boy. >>> as it drags on, hundreds gather to honor the bus driver killed trying to protect the children on the bus. he was remembered as a hero during his funeral yesterday. 20 other children were on the bus at the time of his death. the 66-year-old was prai
Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm EST
que el secuestrador estÁ muerto y "el niÑo" estÁ bien, angie sandoval con mÁs. >> en alabama, 7 dÍas de espera terminaron abruptamente hoy dÍa con un disparo y un niÑo de apenas 5 aÑos de edad en libertad. >> "el niÑo" aparenta estar muy bien y estÁ siendo atendido en el hospital dijo steven richards richardson, el rehÉn a quien solamente se le conoce como etan llevaba casi una semana secuestrado, su captor muriÓ durante el operativo. >> durante las ultimas 24 horas las negociaciones se habÍan deteriorado y el fbi teme que "el niÑo" corrÍa peligro irrumpieron en el escondite y lo a rescataron, de 65 aÑos era un condeco condeco condecorodo de la guerra de vietnam que subiÓ a un autobÚs escolar y quiso secuestrar a 2 niÑos cuando el conductor charles p. tratÓ de impedirlo lo matÓ de un disparo. >> hoy dÍa fue enterrado y recordado como un hÉroe. >> sus acciones dijeron mÁs que sus palabras dijo un colega de trabajo, dio su vida para salvar. >> solamente se secuestrÓ a un niÑo quiÉn mantuvo como rehÉn hasta la tarde de hoy dÍa. >> quedan muchas interrogantes por
Feb 4, 2013 5:00am EST
and no issues as you connect to new york avenue a. i'm back in ten. eun, over to you. >> thank you. angie goff has breaking news. good morning. >> eun, this breaking news out of london. a 500-year-old mystery, has it been unlocked in archeologists are saying a test on a skull found in a parking lot makes a "highly convincing case" that it is the remains of the king or king richard iii. the big announcement as researchers get ready to confirm whether or not a skeleton exhumed last september are indeed the remains of the king. the remains were dug up from the same place historians say he was buried after dying in battle. dna t nchlt achlna tests are be. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. >>> don't look now. gas prices are on the rise again. the national rise up .17 from a week ago to $3.52. d.c. drivers paying $3.70, 0.13 more than a week ago. virginia is the heapest. paying $3.40. a yum of 14 cents. maryland has seen a hike of 15 cents. the average $3.54 a gallon. in west virginia, drivers paying 15 cents more than a week ago. >>> if you commute from loudoun county today, you have new option
Feb 4, 2013 6:00am EST
another nuclear test. >> angie goff at the news 4 live desk with breaking news. >> breaking political news right now. thank you, aaron. >> today this morning we're hearing that tag romney may run for the senate. the boston herald reporting this morning that the oldest son of the former gop presidential nominee, mitt romney is considering a senate run in massachusetts. of course, this is for the upcoming special election. romney is reportedly considering a bid to replace john kerry who starred as secretary of state. all this comes a week after former republican senator announced that he would not be making a bid for another senate seat. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. >>> incoming secretary of state john kerry arrives for his first day on the job. he will address his new employees this morning at the state department. it was a busy first weekend for the now former massachusetts senator. he talked to palestinian president mahmoud abbas and israeli president shimon peres about the middle east peace process. kerry also talked to officials from turkey, canada and mexico. >> the group rais
Feb 4, 2013 7:00am PST
moments this begins. i feel badly because we have ben and angie here. we'll let you know why they're here when we come back to play the game. >> we're doing it now. >> right now. >> which we're playing right now. by the way. we're all counting down oscar sunday. so much excitement. i wish josh was here. but i get to hold the skinny mike. we have a pesspecial guest in t studio. oscar. it's the first cross-country trip for oscar. you gate chance to escort oscar around the country. how did that happen for you? >> i'm a trained actor the whole life. this is the way the academy recognizes an actor that's never been recognized. >> he's not supposed to talk. >> angie, is that prebl not how it happened? >> it's not at all how it happened. we're both comedians, we have a love for the movies and the oscars. we want to bring the magic of the oscars to movie fans all around the country. >> you're going to get a chance to see oscar, maybe in your town. it's time to play our game, lara spencer. she'll announce each category by touching the large screen. we'll begin, because the first one is about oscar
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)